Magazine articles and blog posts

Fighting the Power, article adapted from Tim’s book Star-Spangled, published in Chesapeake Bay Magazine, January/February 2021. Focus on African American history.

Baltimore’s Privateer Pride, article adapted from Tim’s book Star-Spangled, published in Chesapeake Bay Magazine, October 2020

Plan a day trip to Baltimore to see the Star-Spangled Banner sites – here’s Tim’s guide, published in Chesapeake Bay Magazine, September 2020

Tim’s article in Chesapeake Bay Magazine, June 2020

Tim’s blog post, What I’ve Learned Writing Middle Grade Nonfiction

The Author’s Corner: A Grizzly in the Mail – Way of Improvement blog

A Public Historian Tells All. Public History Commons

University of Nebraska Press blog

Five Things Historians and Teachers Need to Do to Make History Fun. History News Network

Learnist. curated by Maggie Messitt

excerpt from Grizzly—Smithsonian’s Air & Space magazine

A Grizzly in the Mail ’ exposes the truth behind American tales. Washington Post Express

Tim Grove authors stories from a career in history, Lancaster Online

Changing Attitudes About History one Grizzly at a Time.

First Flight Around the World: An Adventure for a New Generation, Air Space, National Air and Space Museum 

The Monkey Who Nearly Flew Around the World, Air Space, National Air and Space Museum 

The Missourian newspaper article about Tim


TV, radio, and podcasts

Tim was featured on HISTORY This Week, The History Channel’s weekly podcast. Episode “Land of the Free?” 

Tim’s presentation for the Fall for the Book Festival, Tackling History: Historians vs. Journalists, Fall 2020

Tim’s wide-ranging interview about his new book, past books, his writing process, the power of place, and the need to teach historical thinking. The Bookshop at the End of the Internet podcast. 

Tim discussed Writing History for Young Readers on the Way of Improvement Leads Home podcast

Tim’s appearance on the kids’ podcast The Big Fib, two experts talk about the US flag and one is a liar. Can you tell who it is?

The Way of Improvement blog – episode 5, Encountering the Past

C-SPAN. Politics and Prose Bookstore. Washington, D.C.

Lincoln Live. KFOR. Lincoln, NE

The Kojo Nnamdi Show, Washington, D.C. []


Written interviews

Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb 

Author Spotlight in Mid-Atlantic SCBWI Highlighter, Spring 2020  SCBWIHighlighterSpring2020 20

History Relevance in Action: A Conversation with author Tim Grove