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Star Spangled: The Story of a Flag,  a Battle, and the American Anthem 

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9781419720031Milestones of Flight: From Hot-Air Balloons to SpaceshipOne [Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2016]

Soar through the high points of American aviation: from the Wright brothers and their competitors to the military pilots who first circumnavigated the globe, from the initial space rocket to the moon walk, from the earliest manmade satellite to today’s spy drones. The book also describes what inventions—such as rocket propulsion, the wind tunnel, and the silicon chip—helped move flight upward and beyond. Profusely illustrated with objects from the Smithsonian’s collection, Milestones of Flight provides an inspiring look at America’s contributions to aviation.

OSTB award seal 2017 Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students 

cover higher resA Grizzly in the Mail and Other Adventures in American History [University of Nebraska Press, 2014] 
An eclectic collection of stories from Tim’s work as a public historian at America’s most popular history museums, including three Smithsonian museums and Colonial Williamsburg. Join Tim on the Lewis and Clark trail out west and on the launch pad of Kennedy Space Center. Part insider perspective, memoir, and scholarship, the book demonstrates the joy of pursuing the past and poses some challenging questions.

larger imageFirst Flight Around the World    [Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2015]
Follow the adventures of the first people to fly around the world. The 1924 U.S. Army flight became a race for national honor when five other nations challenged the United States. This is a tale filled with non-stop action, including crashes into mountains, mechanical failures over oceans, strandings and rescues, and colorful cultures. Based on primary source materials from the National Air and Space Museum archives. For ages 10-14.

.finalist_watermark_200px.finalist for the YALSA Excellence in Nonfiction medal book, Parents’ Choice Awards

neurekasealsilver2n.silver medal Eureka Award winner, California Reading Association 

-o-  Best Children’s Books of 2015  Air and Space Magazine

-o-  Notable Children’s Books of 2016  Association for Library Service to Children

The Museum Educator’s Manual   [Rowman and Littlefield, 2nd edition, August 2017]
A book for museum professionals about museum practice. This practical reference book offers a wealth of tips from experienced museum pros.