Discussion questions for teachers

  1. From a tactical perspective why was Baltimore a juicy target? [large population, reports of chaos, shipbuilding facilities, ship Java in port, ease of attacking Washington]
  2. Why did the British hate Baltimore? [privateering center]
  3. Who do you think was most influential in securing Beanes’ release? Skinner, Key, or neither?
  4. What made Key change his opinion of the war? [when it personally impacted his area]
  5. What were the risks for an enslaved person who considered running to the British?
  6. Based on the evidence in the book, should the British have attacked Baltimore?
  7. Why were African Americans fighting on both sides?
  8. Why do you think the British attack failed?
  9. Why do you think many people don’t know about the War of 1812?
  10. How did the slow pace of communication impact decisions related to war?